Friday, 13 July 2007

Tell me ...

Hey goddesses,

Just touching base with those of you who are doing Gayla's e-COREse. Tell me ... how are you going?

I know it can be overwhelming, but I just want to congratulate each and everyone of you for making the commitment to yourself.

Rainbows & stardust,


Bohemian Mom said...

I like them. I've been journalling with the prompts.
It's simple enough to not be overwhelming, even though you get a new email every day.
And yet significant enough to get me thinking and writing.

Journey Through Life said...

Hi Mich, I have just finished week 1 and this morning received the first day of week 2. I spent all last night creating my journal about it, sticking in the daily postings, plus my own responses and ensuring that I have space for future work with it as well.

I am enjoying it. Some things I have worked with before and some are new. All of it comes from a refreshingly new place and that its good.

I am definitely feeling more centred and aware of who I am. And feeling more at peace with it all as well. And I am forming some new habits and ritual which will stay with me into the future.

I'm looking forward to the next two weeks.


Journey Through Life said...

PS. It has always brought to the forefront one major huge challenge hurdle of mine. Hopefully the next couple of weeks may help me to sort it out!! :)

Aurora said...

It's interesting...I was recently moved to go through all my old journals and re-read random entries. It validated for me the power of journaling as a healing path.

Then I bought the book "Bikini Boot Camp" (don't ask!) and they assigned journaling as one of their methods for success.

Then I signed up for the course! So the answer is I'm heading in the right direction. Have I actually started writing?! Um, no. But I going to....and the emails don't bother me at all. Very good stuff!


Carmen said...

Loving it! I am a journalholic so that part is easy (composing is not!)
I have been working on my fears and I feel that I am doing pretty good. The most I enjoy is the final affirmation. I got a book about NLP and thanks to you, I also got the book "the path of the priestess"
So I am doing great.

Nicole said...

I need to update my blog but am enjoying the journalling and thought processes. Thanks :D