Monday, 25 June 2007

Discovering your true self

This week, I have once again drawn inspiration from the Inner-Child Cards ~ doesn't Isha Lerner (creatrix of these cards) have a beautiful, magical soul?

There is a universal belief that one's reflection is a vital part of one's soul.

It is said that reflective surfaces are soul catchers or doorways to the world of spirit.

Buddhists accept that all existence is like a reflection in a mirror.

Depicted in this card is a beautiful fairy seeking the deeper meaning of her existence.

Unlike Narcissus, whose soul was trapped in his water reflection because of his vanity, this fairy is uniting with her beloved self, or the aspect of her ego that is all loving.

She sees in her own image the potential of sacred beauty.

When we are ready for inner transformation, we come face-to-face with our true selves.

This is a time of profound personal awareness and insight.

Find a place of solitude and serenity and explore your hidden talents.

Intuitive gifts strengthen you. Perhaps you can visualise your true face.

  1. What does your original face look like?
  2. Who is your true self?
  3. Are you radiant and glowing?

Reflect on the above questions and post your answers in your blog, then leave a message attached to this post with the URL address to your response.

Love & light to all!


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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Creating your bliss

Here's the first post that I posted for our circle which was posted on my blog. I thought it best to move it over here ... and linked back to those participants who have already responded to this exercise (see below).

I was watching The Secret, and decided to pull one of my Inner Child Cards.

It is important to discover the center of gravity within the soul, that magical core that draws forth creative will. This empowerment helps us build the world according to our deepest values and guiding principles. Personal responsibility and constructive actions are beginning steps toward the foundation of a beautiful life for ourselves and others.

The gnome children portrayed in this card are busily creating a home with various tools and a cooperative spirit.

The foundation for this house is an apple tree, signifying the Tree of Life. In Greek myth, the apple tree is a symbol of abundance.

A new consciousness is being built.

In Thailand, many people creating houses construct replicas of those structures, to be inhabited by spirits. These miniature models are called houses of spirits. This ancient practice welcomes guardian angels into the households and fashions talismans for the overlighting power of universal love and truth. From the awareness achieved with this practice, family members can develop inner strength and reverence for all life.

These gnomes are very focused. Their work is taken seriously. They hold a vision that they are in a process of manifesting.

  1. What in your life is being built?
  2. What inner vision do you carry?
  3. What must you do in order to accomplish your true goals?

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Monday, 18 June 2007

True Love

For inspiration this week I drew an Inner-Child Card and pulled out the the Ace of Hearts.

The essence of true love is, above all, faith-in the ineffable reverence that grows out of the union with a beloved. This beloved can be your inner self or another human soul.

The root meaning of love is to acknowledge absolute concern for another being. In order to express this empathy for another, one must secure self-love in one's own heart.

In this card, two mermaids joyously push a Winged Heart up from the sea. It is offered as an inspired sunrise, touching the golden light of the sky. This heart reveals the acceptance of love at the highest level, for the heart is the vessel of life, adorned with wings of spiritual freedom.

An ace in any suit is always positive. This card affirms that a new opportunity in the realm of love is rising out of the depths of the past, symbolised by the ocean. This new love may be a person, an idea, the realisation of a dream, or a new creative endeavor.

As you meditate on this card, open your heart to what it offers you, because it holds the key to exploring the higher dimensions of universal love. Have faith in love, for it can comfort you in times of crisis. Love is like an eternal flame whose steady light can always guide you during times of personal darkness. Love is always there, and will never abandon you.

What does love mean to you? You can write about, paint it, take a photo, scrap it ... what ever moves you!


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