Sunday, 8 July 2007

Creating your future

I'm posting tonight, instead of tomorrow, because I have it on good authority, that I have family descending upon my door-step tomorrow night!

My step-brother Garry and his partner Yen are coming to stay for a couple of days, so undoubtedly the red wine will be flowing and there will be chatting and laughing well into the wee hours ...

This week's journey inward is from the Inner Child deck.

In the Five of Swords, the river raft of the Four of Swords finds a place to dock, and the fishing rod or sword is secured in the sand.

The boy leaves the raft behind and begins to explore a variety of uncovered truths that are awaiting him. He gazes at a starfish, which reveals the potential of his creative mind.

In numerology, the number 5 is connected with freedom, adventure, and unexpected changes on the path of life.

The seals on the shore symbolise the emergence of unseen life forces coming to the boy. His awareness is fresh as he discovers new ideas. Most exciting is the realisation that clarity is brilliantly emerging like the bright sun in the sky behind him.

As you venture from your raft of the past, be aware of the truth and freedom that await you.

Freedom misused can be confusing and chaotic.

Be thoughtful and discriminating as you gather resources and information. Know your boundaries-the lessons of the raft.

Clarify your goals.

The boy is on a slippery rock, and he must move carefully to stay surefooted.

Anticipate illuminating insights from places deep within you. This is a creative and purposeful time. Most importantly, focus your attention and thoughts.

Reflect on your goals and write them down ... to help bring them to reality publish them on your blog, or create a dream-board or mind movie. Remember to stay positive - for example don't say "I will become more positive", put it in the future tense and say "I am a positive person with a great future!".

To help you get started, think about the key areas of your life:

Where you live





Family & friends




Here are some links to give you some ideas:

Here's what Nicole (The Modern Goddess) did for one of her other posts click here.




Bohemian Mom said...

The thing I'm finding the most "eye-opening" is how much inner thinking it takes to answer these questions. This is very healthy for me.
It's strange, because I've always thought of myself as reflective, but I think I just resist going too deep.
Have a wonderful visit with Garry & Yen. (I LOVE that name!)

Hélène Deroubaix said...

great questions, I'm in the blurry mess of the answers...I know I will have to clarify this, hopefully I'll be able to answer this week, or try to answer...

blessed be!

Aurora said...

Thank you for letting me join. I guess I have been doing a kind of Dream Board for a long time now...I call them Treasure Maps.

You can check out my most recent one on my blog (the Summer Solstice post)

Meanwhile I will be meditating on my "key areas" and will post the results! Thanks again, blessed be.


Carmen said...

I have done in the past soul collages. Lately I have been hearing others about their dream boards so I think it's time for me to create my own. Thanks for the tips and links! Have a great time with your company!

Nicole said...

Thanks Mich!

I love my mind movie and I play it every day just to remind me of what an amazing life I live. Also if the song pops into my head, I can start picturing my mind movie just like it was playing in front of me.

I'm yet to answer the questions and I've got a bit of typing to catch up on from the e-COREse so I should have some more interesting reading for you soon :)

Nic x

Crik said...

I LOVE this!
Can I join?


Journey Through Life said...

Sacred Suzie said...

I finally got mine done!

Adah Aileene said...
here are my answers:)
and thank you for your kind comments, your posts are inspiring and helping me to write and think deeper:)


Judi said...

As usual, I'm bringing up the rear!Posted my response.

TurtleHeart said...

Mine is finally posted!