Sunday, 29 July 2007

Back to the basics

This week, we're working again with Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot.

Rumi said:

"A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe."

I know we're not entering into a new moon, but as we move into the full moon, we become aware that we are the moist and vast ocean of the heavenly Womb.

The tides and waters of the earth respond to our changing reflection.

Allow the magical light of your Moon glow to illumine your path inward to the place where your soul’s thirst is quenched.

Feel, dream, imagine, and open to the spirit of the feminine orb of light that embraces you soul in the luminous sweetness of the night.

At this level of initiation, the committed seeker lifts the veil of the Goddess one more time. Here we engage with feelings and concepts not yet fully formed in the light of day. At this stage, profound wisdom engages both the imagination of the psyche and the genius of the soul.

Moon Goddesses are always protector deities who lovingly watch over all living beings on Earth. They teach us, by example, to extend ourselves well beyond the boundaries of the individual self into the realm of service to the world. The path of the Moon allows each of us to explore the vast region of the collective unconscious and to solve the deep mystery of the soul.

The Moon card invokes the mother archetype in each human being, so tonight I ask these questions:

  1. Are you safe?
  2. Do you help to create a safe environment in which others may thrive?
  3. Are you comfortable in the darkness of your own soul?
  4. Are you protective of those who are especially vulnerable among us?
  5. Do you take good care of yourself?

Participants who have responded to this post:
  1. Kim - MidWest Musings (posted in comments section)
  2. Infinite Bliss
  3. Creative Faery
  4. Hélène Deroubaix
  5. iGoddess
  6. Aurora
  7. Journey Through Life
  8. Blessed_Be
  9. The Modern Goddess
  10. Bohemian Mom


kim said...

Ahhhh, perfect timing.
1) Yes, I finally feel safe. I did not used too. See blog later today.
2)Definitely, probably too much at the expense of myself.
3)95% of the time. Though when stressed, sometimes I worry about my dreams.
4)The worrier and caregiver in me, so a resounding yes.
5)No and I think that is part of my problem!

miss*R said...

hmm.. I think I may do these somehow. I am shying off posting on my blog about this ( I have done it before and have scared people away with my honesty).. so maybe on my croning blog. will let you know..

kim said...

I have a question. If I post the answers to my blog, does it automatically fill in the participants who responded part?

I am sooooo not a computer person! lol!

Mich said...


Hi Kim

All you need to do is click on the title of YOUR post when you've finished, and it will give you a URL address for that posting ... then you come and post it here in comments (like I've done up here) and I'll update the post when I get home :-)

Otherwise ... if you have trouble, let me know you've made the post and I'll go to your blog and copy the URL address for that particular one!


kim said...

Cool! I think I've got it!

I would love to do the Chakra book as a group!

Marie said...

forgot to leave a post here...I really enjoyed this today..and I'm recommitted to my service..thank you!

Hélène Deroubaix said...

I answered the very first day but totally forgot to put my link here, so here it is:)
have a beautiful day Mich!

Blessings and fairy dust***

iGoddess said...

yay! here's mine for the week! =)

hugs to all my rainbow dream sisters!

Aurora said...

Thank you for the inspiration to muse. Read more on the blahg....


Journey Through Life said...

angela said...

Hi! my name is angela.

Nicole said...

Here is my post:-

Anonymous said...

Ha! I did it!
(Please tell me if I missed the mark again.)
I'm finding this very difficult at this time in my life...but I guess that's a good indication that I need it now.