Sunday, 15 July 2007

Healing the earth - July 17, 2007

When I logged on today I had two emails sitting in my in-box demanding my attention.

The first was from our very own Creative Faery, Marie, and the second was from my bother-in-law Yen.

The thing that really drew my attention was, that both emails -- although from completely unrelated sources -- were about the same thing.

When I pulled a card from Isha Lerner's Inner Child Deck, I pulled the Earth Child, so I know we're supposed to do this. I mean, how many times can the Universe boink me over the head in one day?

Here is a summary of the website (taken from a letter to Oprah Winfrey), and this week's task for us to follow:

We are the Light of the Light and we bring you a message of Love and Joy from the Universe, a method to achieve the highest frequency of human vibration. A message so powerful it has the potential to change the world as we know it. We know your heart, dear one, and we offer your guidance and direction a chance to manifest the power of intention on a global scale. This is a distinct opportunity to apply the principals of "The Secret", not for one's own personal desires, but for all of humanity, to create a wondrous world which is your destiny.

You are presently in a position to assist your planet during this time of change and transformation. We bring to your attention a worldwide project that will facilitate the lifting of your personal vibrational field all while lifting the earth's own energy field; catapulting you collectively into a state of healing. Take care of the "I" and the "We" which you seek for these earth changes will follow. When you maintain a pure, joyful expression of gratitude, you allow the Divine Love of the universe to radiate out to all.

You are a carrier of this Divine Love energy, as are all humans. The key is to remember your true creative potential while living in this physical body, then maintain an open heart for this Love to flow through. This powerful thruth will assist you in bringing a wonderful metamophosis to your world; providing peace, prosperity and unlimited future potential for all human beings.

On July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT, there will be a cosmic opening which will rain down incredible creative energy upon the earth. We wish to share this event with you and humbly request your assistance in sharing our message with the world. This will take but one hour of your time but will affect the rest of your life. It is easy to participate. Simply discover that which brings you your greatest joy then meditate, pray, sing, love or dance with appreciation and a grateful heart. Embrace the moment and be truely thankful for that experience. This event will act as a catalyst to begin a worldwide healing and then together we will create a global movement toward change.

One hour of your time can heal the earth. Learn how at the website below. Thank you for considering our truth and sharing it with others.

There is a world-clock on this site, so you can check the correct time in your city to meditate.


Anonymous said...

nice post=) divine love is such a universal concept.
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Rebecca said...


I, too, received this email from 2 unrelated sources. When that happens, I sit up and take notice. By posting this information on our blogs (and I emailed everyone in my address book), we are weaving a web of connection around the world that will help heal the planet.

I plan to be up (it will be 4:11 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time) and will meditate, sing, dance, pray, walk the dogs, etc, etc....all of which will raise my vibration as I fire the grid.

Much love,

Marie said...

Thank you for doing this Mich. I was out of town and I didn't have access to posting something on my blog, so I'm glad you did it. I shall join you, and send others to your site because you explain it so well. Let's fire it up!

Mich said...

WOW! Did you feel it?

I did a chakra balancing meditation ... I know when it was 9.17 pm ... a smile crept across my face and I felt swept up in an incredible energy!