Monday, 14 April 2008

Working with Positive, Powerful Affirmations

An affirmation is a statement we make about a person, thing or situation. It is something that we “state” to ourselves or to others on a regular basis. Affirmations are created based on our beliefs and can be positive or negative in nature.

Whether the statement is positive or negative you are affirming that belief on a regular basis and eventually you will believe it and act according to that belief.

The amazing thing about affirmations is that those negative statements can be turned into positive, powerful statements, which in turn can be used daily to bring more light, love and happiness into your life.

Positive thinking is essential for your personal growth.

By working with positive, powerful affirmations you can begin to change the way you think and feel about yourself, and start to create a future that you desire. You do this by identifying the negative and unproductive beliefs you have, and turning them into positive, supporting beliefs.

We suggest that you create affirmations that are in tune with your current situation but that can still effect change in the areas that they hope for.

Before you begin to create your positive, powerful affirmations, it is important to remember a few key points:

Present Moment – Your affirmation must be written in the present moment. For example, “I am financially supported” represents the now, whereas, “I will be financially supported” makes you feel like it is off in the future, not in the now.

Positive Words – Chose your words carefully because if you said “I am not poor” your energy is focusing on not being poor, and the universe hears the word “poor”. Instead change your words to be positive and uplifting “I have enough money for all that I need” or “I am wealthy” are better choices of words.

Short and Specific – While creating your affirmation, you want to chose words that are to the point and allows you to keep your affirmation short. The more succinct your affirmation, the easier it is to remember and the easier to work with.

Feels Right – When creating your affirmation, you want it to “feel” right and be in tune with your current situation. For example, if you are completely broke and there are bills attacking you from all sides, it is not going to help just saying "money now pours into my life offering me great abundance" as this is clearly not the case and trying to repeat such an affirmation would just create an undercurrent of disappointment with your current circumstances. Instead you could use an 'umbrella affirmation' such as "the universe now supports me in my endeavours to manifest great wealth". Create something that you feel is right for you but is also a little bit of a stretch.

Repeat, Repeat and Repeat – Once you have created your positive, powerful affirmation say it to yourself as often as you can, write it down as often as you can and think it as often as you can throughout your day. The best way is to write it down and place it where you can see it often. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, use this rule with an affirmation and repeat it often throughout the day for 21 days.

Visualise – As you repeat your affirmation, visualise yourself being in the situation. Really feel yourself there, having achieved whatever it is that you wished for. Visualisation helps you with the feeling and belief of your affirmation.

Update – As you work with your positive, powerful affirmations your energy will change and you will begin to feel better and better. Update your affirmations with your feelings and take into consideration that you want affirmations to be a little bit of a stretch for you.

It is better to create your own affirmation that is applicable to your own situation however if you choose an affirmation from a book or the internet, change it to fit your situation. If you are using an affirmation daily and it is not manifesting, think about why and maybe you need to create an ‘umbrella affirmation’ that will help support you in achieving your affirmation when the time is right. You need to honour where you and why before you can move forward.

Affirmations are truly the key to getting yourself in line with what you want, need and desire in life.

Blessings in creating positive, powerful affirmations,
Nicole and Tara

Nicole Graham and Tara Spicer are currently on a virtual book tour promoting their recently released writing journal, Journal for the Modern Goddess.


LauraJ said...

Love this! Just when I needed it most! Thank you very much!

kim said...

This is a VERY inspiring post. Perfect timing and something to keep with us daily. A CONSTANT reminder.

jessica said...

thank you for this important post. great reminder.

Anonymous said...

love, luck, and laughter to you, mich!! i miss you!! *hugs*

Amber said...

thank you for your post. blessings..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Brilliant timing to change upon this today. Happy Harvest Full moon. Time to "let go" of negative thought patterns... again;) (work in progress). I am printing this off for my outdoor ritual this evening. "let go" and replace with possivitve affirmations. Thoughts can be changed. 21 days+ is a great reminder!

Anonymous said...

haha I meant "To CHANCE upon this today" but hey... funny enough, it still applies.

Thanks so much for your words!


Sarah Jane Ojeda Jusay said...

Hi Mich!

Luv ur site... :) Very inspiring... I particularly love the rainbow picture that u used for ur virtual circle poster.

I was wondering if u would grant me permission to use that picture tho, for our upcoming concert's poster here in brunei? Bcause i've been having a hard time trying to create a rainbow using adobe photoshop and am running out of time... I would really appreciate it if u grant me the permission.

Thank you so much!



Anonymous said...

Very Good post on Affirmations.

karim - Positive thinking

marie wallace said...

Hello! I tried to leave you a message earlier, but it blocked me...

I feel that the last few days, I've really connected to what you have to say...then today, I was thinking of affirmations, and Voila! You are talking about the same thing in your thank you, my friend, for being authentic and real. I'm blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for being you!

Anonymous said...

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