Sunday, 26 August 2007

Our Inner Muse

This week's exercise is once again inspired by Isha Lerner's Inner Child Cards.

The three fairies in this card celebrate the muse of the Triple Goddess.

The first goddess was said to be Mnemosyne, or memory, which is the sacred gift in us that offers the ability to recite prose, song, rhyme, and riddle.

The three muses provide clairvoyant insight and intuitive skills. From these divine creators come the words music and amusement.

The fairies pictured in this card play delicate violins. Such beautiful stringed instruments were said to have been made to echo the ecstasy of creation.

The fairies play their instruments with magic wands that have been transformed into bows, accentuating the divinity of their play.

They are among peach tree branches, from which magic wands were made in ancient China. The peach tree is associated with the planet Venus and represents art, music, and love.

The precious gift to you today is the memory of the muse in your heart. Open to the joy of artistic expression. The music of the universe is constant and flowing. The keynote here is the potential of joy -- your joy and the joy of life.

How do you satisfy the muse in your heart?


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Journey Through Life said...

Nicole said...

Here is my post... it's quiet appropriate this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh, such a beautiful, gorgeous card.
I adore these little muses of the arts.
Going to my blog now to take part in this assignment.

Aurora said...

Well y'all can come on over here to read good stuff:

thank you thank you


Hélène Deroubaix said...

Hey Mich, synchronicity with your soul questionning again! thank you for these spiritual prompt they always make me wonder and want to share and smile :)

blessed be!

iGoddess said...

here's mine, oh lovely goddesses! mich...every week is a challenge, and i'm glad i'm feeling at least better enough to tackle this one. =) thanks for the joyful challenge! you do a lot for us.


clairem said...

It feels good to be navigating through your posts and blogs, surrounded by feminine, reassuring values... thanks
clairem @

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kim said...

Trying to catch up!!