Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Creating your bliss

Here's the first post that I posted for our circle which was posted on my blog. I thought it best to move it over here ... and linked back to those participants who have already responded to this exercise (see below).

I was watching The Secret, and decided to pull one of my Inner Child Cards.

It is important to discover the center of gravity within the soul, that magical core that draws forth creative will. This empowerment helps us build the world according to our deepest values and guiding principles. Personal responsibility and constructive actions are beginning steps toward the foundation of a beautiful life for ourselves and others.

The gnome children portrayed in this card are busily creating a home with various tools and a cooperative spirit.

The foundation for this house is an apple tree, signifying the Tree of Life. In Greek myth, the apple tree is a symbol of abundance.

A new consciousness is being built.

In Thailand, many people creating houses construct replicas of those structures, to be inhabited by spirits. These miniature models are called houses of spirits. This ancient practice welcomes guardian angels into the households and fashions talismans for the overlighting power of universal love and truth. From the awareness achieved with this practice, family members can develop inner strength and reverence for all life.

These gnomes are very focused. Their work is taken seriously. They hold a vision that they are in a process of manifesting.

  1. What in your life is being built?
  2. What inner vision do you carry?
  3. What must you do in order to accomplish your true goals?

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Marie said...

Mich, I love that you are heightening our awareness..the inner child IS my focus this summer as I transition into being an empty nester. I am learning to be a creator and enjoy the "play" aspect of my inner child.

I'm a bit confused. Do you want me to answer the questions on this site or in my own blog and link it? I'm sorry if you answered that already and missed it. Thanks for what you're doing. I'm looking forward to having these conversations with this group!

mich said...

Hi Marie, just answer them in your blog, and then come back to comments here and leave a link. I'll then post a link to your response in the post.

Love & light

Marie said...

Here is my link to the responses, but it still doesn't feel like I'm doing it right. Let me know.

mich said...

Hi Marie - got it!

TurtleHeart said...

Hi Mich~ Thanks for the warm welcome. I love the idea of a virtual women's circle and look forward to getting to know everyone. Wanted to let you know I've posted my answers to these questions on my blog, as well.

miss*R said...

ok - I am finally finding my smile again - so I would love to join in on the next card/ post - xo

mich said...

I'm so glad ... I will now be posting each Monday.

Blessed be!

Nicole said...

Hi Michelle, here are my answers to your questions...

Hélène Deroubaix said...

have answered late here! I love your questions, they make me think way too much though and I surely wrote a lot of nonsense full of mispelling and grammatical mistakes but it was late:oP that's the only excuse I have found!

Blessed be, enjoy your weekend***